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 The only clinic offering...
Same-day Aligners
                                                                    in Mallorca.

The one major downside of having orthodontic treatment with clear aligners (virtually invisible braces) is the initial wait. From the first visit at the clinic it can take up to 4 weeks before the aligners arrive and you can begin your treatment. This can be an issue if you are in Mallorca only for a short period of time (for example if you are here on a boat or you are here on holiday) or if you are simply too eager to wait to get started! To meet the demand, we have developed a way of providing you with your first set of aligners on the same day as your first appointment so that you can begin straightening your teeth without having to wait. This is all thanks to the latest scanning and digital technology available at our clinic. 

Same day aligners in Mallorca

Will same-day aligners work for me?

We generally recommend aligners to patients with mainly aesthetic concerns such as:

  • Crooked teeth

  • Rotated teeth

  • Spaces between teeth

  • Most bite problems - depending on severity

  • Teeth crowding



When you choose Dental Centre Mallorca for your orthodontic treatment you are guaranteed:

  • A fixed price

  • A written treatment plan detailing all available options and costs

  • Different payment options to suit your needs

  • Access to expert care during and after your treatment 

  • The highest level of care provided by expert dentists registered with UK´s General Dental Council and the British Orthodontic Society. 

  • You will always be seen by your dedicated dentist and be given their personal telephone number so you can easily get in touch with them in case of any questions or concerns. 

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