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Do you need smile makeover in Mallorca?

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 Smile Makeovers
                                              in Mallorca.

What is a Smile Makeover?

When we talk about smile makeovers we mean improving and rejuvenating a patients appearance in respect to their teeth, smile and the whole face. This might include one or multiple procedures from different areas of dentistry which can all be done under one roof, without the need to visit multiple specialists at different clinics. Depending on what you want to achieve, a smile makeover in Mallorca can be completed in as little as one week.

​There is 'no one size fits all' approach for a smile makeover. When you come to our clinic, our dentists will discuss what you would like to change about your smile. They will then evaluate your oral health and tailor the treatment options specifically to your needs, budget and desired timescale.

The treatment options could include: 

What can be done to improve a smile?

​​Invisalign® aligners

Composite bonding

Tooth contouring

Natural implants

No-prep veneers

Tooth coloured fillings

Zirconia crowns

Teeth straightening

Zoom® Teeth whitening

Metal-free crowns

Emax® veneers

Metal-free bridges

What is the process of a Smile Makeover in Mallorca ?


Step 1

During your first visit the dentist will scan your teeth to take a digital impression. Doing it this way means you will not experience a gagging reflex associated with traditional impressions. Digital photographs  are also taken and combined using a special computer software with the scan.

Step 2

For procedures such as tooth coloured fillings, amalgam removal, teeth whitening and composite bonding, where a lab is not involved, we can complete the treatment on the first day if you so wish.


Step 3

In the case of more elaborate procedures, a specialised lab will produce a simulation of your treatment to show you what your newly rejuvenated smile will look like. This might be a simulation of crowns or veneers or teeth straightening with Invisalign® aligners. The great thing is that a simulation can be prepared even before we start any interventions and before you decide whether you wish to go ahead.


Crowns and veneers: The dental lab can produce them in a single day, which means that we can fit them within a week of your first visit.

Aligners for teeth straightening: Thanks to our state of the art digital technology, we can provide you with the first couple of sets of aligners within 24 hours of taking the scan. This means that you can start straightening your teeth right away without having to wait for the manufacture and delivery of the remaining aligners which are sent to us to 2-3 weeks later form Germany. Do not worry if you are no longer in Mallorca by that time as we will send the aligners to you. We are the only clinic in Mallorca to offer this service.

We realise how important it is to have the patient's input when designing their new smile. This is why we always ask the patient for their feedback and desired changes to the design. With the patient's feedback we either request adjustments, if needed, or we give the technicians a green light to proceed.  


Once You become our patient you can always contact us in the case of having any questions, issues or if you simply need advice. We do not charge for this and you can be sure that we will always be there for you even if you are not in Mallorca. You must have heard horror stories of people who had extensive dental treatment in Turkey and receive no help when problems arise. What's worse, is that dentists back in the UK are reluctant to touch the work. Our dentists are registered with the UK's General Dental Council so you can be sure that the care you receive - before, during and after your treatment - will be at the level or even better than the one you would expect at home. 

What are the benefits of getting a Smile Makeover in Mallorca?


Feel more confident in your appearance


Fast treatment without long waiting times


Look younger, healthier and more attractive


A responsive aftercare included as standard


Improve your oral health and dental function


Go on holiday and wow everyone upon your return home

I have been told that the only way to improve my smile is to extract teeth and put in implants. Are there any other options for me?

Of course there are! We see this approach far too often, likely due to the fact that younger dentists are less skilled and are lacking the necessary knowledge and experience to treat patients conservatively. We use the most modern, high-strength materials to restore decayed, broken, discoloured teeth and wherever possible we use your teeth as NATURAL IMPLANTS if needed to close gaps or stabilise wobbly teeth. Remember your own natural teeth are better than any implant if the dentist treating you knows how to restore them. So withhold from extracting any teeth before speaking to one of our dentists as once you extract, there is no going back and it makes our work more difficult although not impossible. There is no difference between extracting a tooth and cutting off a limb just for the sake of replacing it with an artificial one. Just as we care for and respect other body parts, we should care for and save our natural dentition whenever possible. 

Can I have a consultation before coming to Mallorca? 

Yes, and we even recommend it. There is a lot we can tell you without seeing you in the clinic including prices, details of procedures, what can possibly be done based on what you tell us and what we see on photographs you send us. It also allows us to better plan the appointments so that enough time is reserved for you when you come to Mallorca. We can even refer you for certain scans in your home country to save you time and have everything ready for when you arrive. We do not charge for these consultations so you have nothing to lose

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