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The field of endodontics refers to the area of dentistry surrounding diseases of the dental pulp. The most widely known procedure in endodontics is root canal treatment.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment involves cleaning and disinfecting the inside of an infected tooth root and finally filling its canal with a special dental cement. All of this is done to stop progression of infection by killing bacteria breeding inside the root canal and sealing it to prevent re-entry of pathogens. Root canal treatment is often the only treatment option available to save a tooth and avoid an extraction.  

Why should you choose us for your Root Canal Treatment in Mallorca?

Our expert, Dr Kate, has 30 years of experience in endodontics and has performed thousands of root canal treatments with nearly 100% success rate. She is also a member of the prestigious British Endodontic Society  and continually advances her professional development in this field. Moreover, our clinic has invested in the most advanced, German VDW Gold RECIPROC® endodontic motor which not only offers special modes for canals with difficult anatomies but also a revolutionary safety feature called Reverse COMFORT® Function, which detects when the end of the canal is reached and automatically reverses rotation.



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