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Composite Bonding
                                    in Mallorca.

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding has been around for decades that has recently been made very popular on social media, often being promoted by celebrities. This procedure involves bonding a composite material to the surface of teeth to change their shape, colour and close spaces. It is important to make a distinction between ''composite contouring'' and ''composite veneers'' - two variants of composite bonding. ''Composite contouring'' is done to improve the shape of teeth only. This form of composite bonding is well suited for teeth with chipped, uneven edges. In this procedure the dentist matches the colour of the composite to the colour of the patient's teeth to seamlessly improve the contour. ''Composite veneers'' on the other hand involve bonding composite to the entire face of the tooth, which allows the dentist to not only change the shape but also the colour of teeth. As opposed to ''composite contouring'' where composite is freehandedly added to teeth, composite veneers are made on a model of the patient's teeth and then transferred and bonded to the natural teeth.  Composite veneers can be made freehandedly directly on the teeth however this can create a bulky appearance and less accurate placement of composite so this is not something we recommend. 

Is composite bonding right for me?

You are likely a candidate for composite bonding if you meet the following criteria:

  • You do not grind your teeth or clench your jaw

  • You do not have habits that are dangerous for dentition such as opening bottles with your teeth, biting on pens, nail biting

  • You are not a smoker - composite is porous so tobacco will stain it quickly

  • You do not have a cross-bite, an edge-to-edge bite or significant crowding of teeth

Are there any downsides to composite bonding?

Before going ahead with any treatment you must know about its pros and cons to make an informed decision. Read our recent blog post on the cons of composite bonding by clicking here.

Composite bonding in Mallorca
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