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 Crowns and Bridges

                                                              in Mallorca.

What are dental crowns? 

Dental crowns, also known as caps, are tooth shaped restorations either solely ceramic or made from metal covered in porcelain. They are used:

  • To restore heavily destructed teeth, for example in the course of tooth decay

  • To cover teeth which have undergone root canal treatment

  • To restore broken teeth

  • To protect weak, cracked teeth

  • To transform discoloured and misshapen teeth

  • In smile makeovers in patients who clench and grind their teeth

  • As a substitute to orthodontic treatment, in selected cases

  • To stabilise wobbly teeth in the course of gum disease (connected crowns)


What is a dental bridge? 

A dental bridge is a laboratory-made fixed restoration used to fill gaps where teeth are missing. Placing bridges does not involve a surgical procedure, as opposed to dental implants making it a more attractive option for some patients. A dental bridge usually consist of a false tooth or teeth connected on either side to crowns which are placed on and supported by teeth immediately adjacent to the gap(s) to seamlessly restore missing teeth. Bridges are often used in patients who suffer from gum disease making their teeth wobbly and as a result have lost some teeth. A bridge will not only restore the missing teeth but also stabilise the remaining dentition. 


What material are crowns and bridges made from? 

There are many different materials available on the market, each with its specific characteristics, properties and indications. The most popular materials used for crowns and bridges in Mallorca are:

- IPS e.max

- Zirconium

- Porcelain

- Porcelain bonded metal

- Porcelain bonded gold

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