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 Children's dental care

                                                                     in Mallorca.

Braces for children

If you are worried that your child’s teeth are not growing straight, we will also be able to advise on the best suited orthodontic appliance. It is worth remembering that clear braces and aligners are available to patients of all ages and not reserved for adults alone. So, if your teen is understandably reluctant to wear metal braces they will be pleased to know that there are teeth straightening solutions which will be virtually invisible to their friends. Not only that, but with the world renowned Damon® System braces developed in California, we are able to treat even complex cases of misalignment without pulling out any teeth.


Orthodontic braces for children in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca

Straight teeth without extractions!

If you have been told by another dentist that your child needs to have some teeth pulled out before starting orthodontic treatment, visit us for a consultation first because chances are this can be avoided altogether. Furthermore, the Damon System braces are band free. Bands in braces can often come off, become discoloured and require exchange it multiple times during the course of treatment. This is completely avoided in the Damon System meaning fewer appointments are required.

No pain dental care for children in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca

Treatment without pain!

Cavities are quite a common problem in children and treating them can be stressful for them. However, we are able to treat cavities with virtually no pain and no anaesthetic injections thanks to our air abrasion system and Waterlase dental laser. The former uses a stream of water, air and a fine powder while the latter uses precisely directed laser energy.  No drilling is required meaning no unpleasant discomfort for your loved one.

While some dentists in Mallorca do not allow parents to be inside the consulting room with their child is undergoing treatment, we believe that the presence of a parent with the child is extremely important as it puts the young patient at ease. Moreover, we put emphasis on the significance of informed consent so we give parents detailed information as to what is planned, any questions are answered and consent is sought from the parents before any treatment in commenced. 

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